School Supply Drive

The 2016 School Supply Drive was a huge success. We had many new participants, one of them being The Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL), and it was all due to Sabrina Foward.

Sabrina and her team were actively looking for an event to get involved with during the summer months. Coincidently, Sabrina is neighbors with an employee of the school district who told her about Salem-Keizer Education Foundation.

“I was talking to her about opportunities, and she told me I had to get in contact with Valerie with the school supply drive,” Sabrina stated.

After bringing the idea back to her office, everyone was on board. The original goal was to find a fundraiser where the reach was greater than one school or part of town, and the school supply drive fit that perfectly.

The bin was placed in the lobby of the DSL’s building, and their participation encouraged other tenants to donate as well. By the end of the drive, the bin was filled to the brim.

“We had ice-cream socials on Wednesday afternoons and School Supply Drive Bingo tournaments to raise cash donations. It was just hilarious; the staff loved it.”

Thank you Sabrina, and all of the DSL staff, for your support of SKEF!