Princeton Review Visit

“We want to empower you with our team,” stated Rob Seitelman, Director of Educational Partnerships for the Pacific Northwest and Southwest at The Princeton Review, as he described the various online programs available through their website. “You are the foundation, and we want you to be as strong as possible.”

Rob Franek, Senior Vice President-Publisher of The Princeton Review was the guest speaker at the 2016 Back to School Lunch. His colleagues were also in attendance and presented at a breakfast the next morning to Salem-Keizer School District staff and Salem-Keizer Education Foundation board members.

The main focus during the breakfast conversation was how to better prepare students for life after high school. Student success is based upon three factors: academic support, test prep and college selection/admissions support. The Princeton Review offers several courses and trainings in an effort to help counselors, teachers and parents disseminate reliable and current information to students.

According to a nationwide survey conducted in 2016 by The Princeton Review, 41% of students and parents said the most important factor is “fit” when considering colleges. The best fit for a student is not based upon one factor, but rather it encompasses campus culture, financial aid services, academics and career services.

Rob Franek explained, “the ultimate goal is to find the school with the best fit for the student where the parents are also comfortable and counselors content. Parents and students all have perceptions of what the “perfect fit” is when it comes to colleges, but we offer resources that look beyond those set perceptions.”

All those in attendance agreed that a future partnership with The Princeton Review and The Salem-Keizer School District is inevitable. The online resources available through The Princeton Review will enhance SAT/ACT test preparation and offer reliable and current rankings of universities based upon the student’s wants and needs.

“We want to find the appropriate way to prepare younger students for the SAT and college prep, so that they do have a longer runway heading into college,” stated AVID Coordinator Barb Bamford, PhD of the Salem-Keizer School District.

Connecting students to college preparatory resources like The Princeton Review is a continuous goal for SKEF; this pivotal meeting is only the begging of an innovative 35th year.